It Lives, Again again again

It lives, Again Again Again


It’s been only, ooh, eight years since I last looked at tinkering with this website. I suppose it’s time to modernise, especially since I keep handing out business cards with my web address on.

The old version was all built from raw CSS and HTML, and boy was it rickety. I’ve decided to throw my lot in with WordPress, since that seems to be what all the cool kids are doing. Part of me feels like it’s one of the things responsible for the death of interesting websites and design styles on the internet, as everything is subsumed by homogenous corporate art of simple shapes and colours.

Gone are the days of spinning gifs and multi-coloured text on pages, replaced with streamlined buttons and links. I suppose I can see the sense of making things easy to find and navigate, but as with many other topics, one might argue that argue that a good deal of the character comes from the roughness. Particularly with games.

The big, main, super-important thing I hope to gain from this changeover is to make it a lot easier to use the website for keeping people informed via posts. Up to this point, most of its use has been as a fileserver.

Now that a basic framework has been laid down, I’m going to keep updating and tweaking this place until it looks like a website should – that is, 2004.