About Technocrat Games

Hello! I’m James Dearden, and I make games under the pseudonym “Technocrat”.

Based in the UK, I’ve worked with a number of collaborators from around the world, and picked up skills covering all stages of development.

As part of the constant path of growth and improvement, I look forward to putting out plenty more games yet to come.

Telling stories is something that has always appealed to me, and interactive fiction is a unique medium for doing so. The ability to give agency and control to players has been an inspiration since my first experiences with Sierra and LucasArts’ adventures on my old 486 PC.

Getting into programming began at school, when I successfully convinced the IT teachers to allow games on the school’s computers, as long as we made them ourselves. Working in Adventure Game Studio, I was able to put together not just retro style point-and-click adventures, but puzzle games, turn-based strategies, and homages to arcade classics.

Technobabylon has been my biggest success so far. The game, which began as test-projects in AGS, was refined with the work of talented artists, and the publishing of Wadjet Eye Games. The eventual result was a game rated “overwhelmingly positive” on Steam, in addition to being AGS’ game of the year for 2015.

Following the success of Technobabylon, I decided to put what I learned of Blender to more direct use, moving into 3D games with Unity.

Technobabylon was part of Humble’s Wadjet Eye bundle, helping to raise £17, 579 for the charity JDRF to help treat type one diabetes. In 2012, another game was part of the AGS Bake Sale charity project, which raised funds for Child’s Play.

In between developing games, I have also taught English as a Second Language since 2010, with a CELTA certification. After completing my degree (BA Politics & International Relations, First, University of Reading), I spent time in South Korea as a teacher, before returning to the UK to carry on both ESOL tuition and game development. More recently, I have also been tutoring courses in Unity and Blender for students in North London.

Thanks for getting this far. Here’s a picture of the inside of my head.

Proof that there’s something in there.


  • E-Mail: contact@technocratgames.com
  • Twitter: @technocratgames