Steam Achievement Guide


Obsessive-compulsive? Need every last achievement that the game has to offer on Steam? Never fear, here's a handy how-to guide for each and every one of them.


01: Prisoner of Consciousness

Complete Part 1




02: Suicide City

Complete Part 2




03: Fission

Complete Part 3




04: Meeting of Minds

Complete Part 4




05: Germination

Complete Part 5



06: Crisis of Consciousness

Complete Part 6




07: Jahiliyyah

Complete Part 7




08: Flesh Drive

Complete Part 8




09: Suicide City

Complete Part 9




10: Runtime

Complete Part 10




Middle Management

Convince the manager at Animus to give you the code

Be consistent with your answers - keep choosing the first one over and over




Sorry Wrong Number

Make ten phone calls

When you get to CEL, you can make calls from your terminal. Call ten random numbers


Silver Tongue

Talk the bomber down

Keep choosing the first option in the dialogue with the bomber





Have Lao neutralise the bomber

Use the "HOPE" codeword when Lao is in position





The bomber detonated himself

Keep choosing the third option in the dialogue with the bomber




Elliot Ness Approach

Use the stunner to break into Van der Waal's apartment

Use stunner with door controls




The Right One for the Job

Get Lao to open Van der Waal's door

After failing to open the door, talk to Lao about it




Official Procedure

Get Central to open Van der Waal's door

After failing to open the door, call Central on the traveller about it





See all of Chantelle's personalities

Talk to Chantelle after giving her personalities from the food machine and drinks dispenser



Hippocratic Oath

Give Guy the epinephrine





Placebo Effect

Don't give Guy the epinephrine

Use injector with water machine to fill it up




Guilt Trip

Remind Dr Chigwa what's really important

Fail to get into the airlock, then show photo from Regis' desk to Chigwa





Get the four samples right the first time

Make sure to only analyse the correct ones; follow Chigwa's clue about which to choose



Dramatically Cleaned a Screaming Pile of Biscuits

Get the right cure for Niester the first time

Select "Hydroxypyruvate Isomerase" from the medical cabinet in the airlock




I Needed That

Drink the Whiskey

After picking up whiskey from locker in factory, interact with it




Shooting Gallery

Get past the production line undetected

Make sure to hide behind the tall objects on the conveyor





Harness the power of shadows to get into the Trance Den

In the sewer's utility controls, disable power to 871




Super Latha Bros

Fulfil the bouncer's request to get into the Den

In the sewer's utility controls, enable water to 871



I Don't Need no Ticket

Find another way into the Trance Den

In the sewers, use the crowbar from the car to open the vent




Block access to the dancers in the Trance

In the terminal in the cellar, set the block to Russia




Winners Don't Use Drugs

Beat the winning gamer without sabotaging him

It's possible, but difficult



Mental Arithmetic

Get the crate weight correct by the second attempt

Crate weight should be Latha (40kg) plus crate (35kg) 



Guarded by Fate

Survive all the way to part 10 without being killed

Be careful! Reloading will work if you're killed, though.




Bombs Away

Drop the Crate in the aerostat

After picking up the ammunition, use the controls to open the cargobay floor





Give the Mindjacker a deadly end

Put the grenade in the Latha-controlled drone, and drive it into the machinery underneath where he's hiding



Justice for All

Arrest the Mindjacker

Put the grenade in the Latha-controlled drone, and use the lifting platforms to bring it up to the power controls above the Mindjacker



Civic Continuity
Return city control to Central




Brave New World

Give control to Nina




Talking Heads

Play through the game with the commentary enabled

When starting a new game on the main menu, go to "settings" and enable "commentary"



Dave Goldfarb

Give the restaurant guard Stepford's personality, and the guard's memory/role