Part 3: Fission

[Regis & Lao arrive at Van der Waal's apartment]

Three options for getting in:
  1. Use STUNNER with door controls
  2. Ask Lao to open the door
  3. Use TRAVELLER, call Central and say that the apartment's locked
[Regis and Lao enter apartment, find Maid]

[Discover murder scene]
[No gun in floordrobe. Regis takes FISHING ROD]
[Cutscene: Giel kills Dakarai, Maid reveals where memory module is kept]

[Regis & Lao return to CEL, Central breaks down]

[Leave autopsy lab, leave CEL, go to GARDEN]
[Mysterious Individual calls, demands Regis procures bomb to destroy apartment]
[Regis flees apartment, camera pans down, Latha leaves just in time]