Part 2: Suicide City

[Body falls]
[Regis and Lao arrive in office, discover another body]

If you fail to get the code from the manager, use STUNNER with KEYPAD

[Mindjacker encountered on roof - he escapes]

[CEL Headquarters]
[Conversation with Lao]
[Conversation with Mysterious Individual]

[Cutscene - Driving: redirected to Transit Station]

[Regis heads on to subway train]

Three possible outcomes:
  1. Bomber lives
    • Keep choosing first option in bomber dialogue. He will be persuaded to surrender
  2. Bomber is neutralised by Lao
    • Keep choosing middle option, until Lao is in position
    • Use "HOPE" codeword when she's ready
  3. Bomber detonates himself
    • Keep choosing third option in dialogue
    • Bomber becomes enraged
[End of station, Regis and Lao leave]