REMEMBER: Try to use this only if you're really, really stuck. Overreliance on walkthroughs can detract from the experience of adventure games, and may cause lung cancer. 

Part 1: In which a car runs out of fuel

Pick up the coal, and the grass from the ground by the pump. Look at the pump. Talk to Susie, and ask her to follow, then lighten her load. She gives you thekeys, and the matches. Use the key on the car's trunk, and get the cleaning spirits, viagra and condom. Walk to the right of the scene, and pick up the jackfrom under the caravan, and the DVD player from the trash. 

Walk into the shop, and pick up a magazine from the counter. Ask the shopkeeper about the pumps outside, then about alternative fuels. Just to be a nuisance, kick the cans to distract the shopkeeper, and reach behind the counter for the alcohol while he's not looking. Also, grab the coins on the counter while he's busy. Go to the DVD shelf, and choose the Romantic DVD. 

Go back to the left of the screen. Try to use the ladder. Talk to Susie, and ask her for a boost. When boosted, you can reach the ladder. Climb on to the roof, and use the coal and alcohol in the barbecue. Light it with the matches, and put thegrass into the barbecue to dry it. Use the magazine with the barbecue to set it alight. Push the bowling ball. Climb down on the right. Pick up the bowling ball, then ask Susie to follow you. Go right, and ask the Geek about alternative fuels. He wants "grass", so give him the brown, dried grass you've made earlier, and in return he'll hand you the fuel-making machine. 

Now, you need the ingredients for the fuel machine. These are sugar, water and alcohol. Straight away, you can put the alcohol from behind the counter into the machine. Walk into the shop, and head upwards into a room with a vending machine. Insert the coins, and when it doesn't work, put the jack under the vending machine. This allows you to get the chocolate from it, which is the second ingredient for fuel. Lastly, use the burning magazine with the sprinkler, and ask Susie for a boost. While boosted, use the condom with the sprinkler to fill it with water. Congratulation, you have ingredient number three, which you can put into the machine, and receive fuel which needs to go into the car. 

Part 2: In which Nancy takes the law into her own hands

Oh dear, we seem to have lost Susie! Walk into the shop to meet the robbers - Mister Red, Mister Blue and Mister Green. First thing, talk to Mr Red, and ask him what his role is. He blasts a hole in the window by mistake, we'll need this later. Blue is the easiest robber to deal with - use your sex appeal on him, and make him follow you into the vending machine room. When you're in there, use the jackunder the machine to ensure that Blue has an accident. Walk back into the shop, go to the toolbox and take the hammer and the cutters, then back into the vending machine room, on to the bathroom on the right. 

In the bathroom, a snake decides he has a crush on you. He's too flexy, so you need to stiffen him out with the viagra. Pick up the solid snake, the hose and thetissue paper. Use the hammer to break the window, and climb out. 

Now we deal with Mister Red. Use the hose with the car exhaust, then use it with the hole in the window. Now that it's hooked up, use the key with the car, and give Red a faceful of exhaust fumes. Last but not least, Mister Green. Use the snake with the ladder, and climb it on to the roof. Use the cutters with the cable, and put the DVD player into the new gap. Put the romantic DVD into the player, and watch Green run for his life. 

Part 3: Freedom of Religion

So, no more robbers, but also no Susie - where has she gone? Go back into the shop, and pick up the card from the floor. The skull in the middle gets darker, the closer you are to her. In the vending machine room, use the tissue paper with the blood leaking under the vending machine, and put the bloody paper into theempty bottle. Head to the bathroom, and look at the card to make the floor usable. Drop the bowling-ball through the floor, leap down the hole, and use thetissue paper to soak up the water. Climb into the hole, and talk to the man behind the wall. 

After being let into the cult, they explain they need a virgin. Where are we going to find one? Up at the caravan, of course. Head outside, and talk to the geek - tell him you want him, and choose the options in order: 1, 2, 3. He'll follow you. Before heading down to the cult, use the tissue with the puddle of oil. He ends up stuck in the waterlock under the bathroom, so you have to make him slippery with the oily paper you've just gotten from outside. He heads straight into the cult - well done, that's Susie rescued! 

With a little persuasion from Susie, you now need to rescue the Geek. Since we like doing things in threes, there are three stages of the ritual that have to be disrupted. Pick up the cat outside, and take him to the roof. Use the condom on the barbecue, and put the cat into it. You now have a black cat! Walk down to the cult so that we can start ruining their day. Replace the bottle on the shelf with the bottle of blood. Use the condom with the magazine, and replace the red book of spells with the magazine. Lastly, swap the idol on the throne for theblack cat. Congratulations, you've ruined the cult's day. Before you leave, just make sure to rescue the geek - or don't...