On a tidally-locked world, the only way for resources to be moved under the deadly sun is by high-speed train. The management refuse to automate it entirely - after all, then there'd be nobody to blame when things go wrong - and it's been your uneventful duty for the past several years to see the train back and forth along:

So naturally, things are going to go wrong on your watch. Things like, oh, maybe a hijacking?

A science-fiction adventure, this game was designed as an experimental foray into a more advanced art style, and more detail in scenes. Short enough to be completed in an hour, it has enough replayability in the form of several different endings, depending on what you prioritise throughout the game.

Released in January 2012 as part of the AGS Bake Sale, The Rail was sold for charity, and helped to raise over 4000 for Child's Play. Thanks to the inevitable march of time, the game is now available for FREE to all and sundry who wish to play it. Merry [INSERT HOLIDAY]!

In February 2012, WHAM and Technocrat conducted a narrated playthrough of the game. Be warned, spoilers lie ahead if you plan on playing it yourself.


- Multiple endings!
- A train!
- Thousands of kilometres of sand!
- ...and Castle Bravo as itself!

- Pentium or higher processor
- 27MB HD Space
- 64 Mb RAM
- Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista with DirectX 5 or above
- Supports all DirectX-compatible sound and video cards