Technocrat Games is an independent (or "indie", if you want to put it like that) game developer, creating works of interactive fiction designed to stimulate nostalgia and sometimes even humour. Experimenting in several different styles and genres, we seek to give people a taste of the nineties, before the days of brown-palleted cover-based shooters. (In those days, everything was a platform game)

Our initial experiments in game development began with Doom Wads and Half Life mods, though eventually moving on to AGS to create a number of adventure (and, for some reason, strategy) games, and are now moving into the mysteries of the third dimension with Unity.

With our work, we've been able to produce The Rail for the 2012 AGS Bake Sale, helping to raise over 4000 for the Child's Play charity. Most recently, in partnership with publishers Wadjet Eye Games, Technobabylon has been built into our flagship commercial project, released in May 2015. Its original freeware iterations gained popular acclaim from players and reviewers alike, and in its current form, serves as a step into the wild world of commercially independent games.

Currently based in London (UK), we seek to bring variety to gaming by catering to niches that are often neglected on the  mass market of today, and building ties with the community of artists, creators and players of games. We've been able to work with a number of talented individuals in the creation of our games, and look forward to expanding our network.

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