In 1879, Baron Reginald Forklift-Trucks began to petition the Houses of Parliament, the Prime Minister and Queen Victoria for the creation of a specialised branch of the civil service geared towards handling incursions by extraterrestrials within the British Empire in a top-secret manner, so as to limit panic within the populace at large.

If it pleases Your Majesty, though it pains me to meet with such abject uncomprehension and disbelief of this most grave threat, it strikes me as most important and vital to our national interest that we seek to reduce the danger posed to us by these beings.

At this stage however, Baron Forklift-Trucks was a heavy abuser of laudanum, and suffered from frequent bouts of mercury poisoning, which was at time quite fashionable. These details, combined with it being seventy years before the first popular UFO sightings, led to a lack of support for Forklift-Trucks' assertion that the Earth was threatened by extraterrestrials.

His theories received some vindication when, in the summer of 1880, a pair of peaceful visitors arrived in the British Isles, seeking to bring technological and societal advancement along with a message of friendship from the galactic community at large to the people of Earth. Naturally, they were met with suspicion and fear. Following a painful and humiliating vivisection, it was determined that the threat they posed was sufficient to warrant Baron Forklift-Trucks' concerns, and he was given carte blanche to conduct his alien-hunting operations.

To this end, he founded Technocrat Games, a secret organisation with the mandate to protect the British Empire and her interests from the menaces of peaceful visitors from space. The group's name, according to the Baron, was chosen "to deflect the attention of those who may seek to obstruct us, such as the Bolsheviks or the French, and provide a cover that we may derive a source of income in the production of computer-games in order to fund our operations." His chemically-induced prescience once again fostered problems, as the technology required to play such games would not be invented for another half-century.

After thirty years of operation, Forklift-Trucks began to sink into a deep depression. A lack of success at capturing any of the peaceable extraterrestrials threatening to bring equality and social advancement to the masses, compounded by the complete lack of sales of a single unit of his games was not helped by the hormone-replacement therapy he was undergoing to combat his dysmorphia. The Baron, now going by the name "Ethel", ordered an investigation into traitors that he believed were responsible for the project's lack of progress.

Baroness Ethel Forklift-Trucks met her unfortunate demise when conducting a loyalty-testing interrogation upon herself. After the staff had disentangled her remains from the complex machinery she had devised for this purpose, she was buried at sea with some honours, and the project sought to continue without her unique leadership.

Matching its output to more contemporary social paradigms, Technocrat Games has been able to see greater success in recent years, producing popular freeware games. While no more aliens have thus far been captured, its games have received the attention of thousands on the internet and beyond. With time, and luck, the menace may be brought under control, and the safety of Earth's business-oligarchy, its military-industrial complex and its rigid grip on the deluded population may be assured.